I have so much to blog about my travels over the summer and can’t wait to get started! Canada has been calling my name for quite some time and I was so thankful that I got to go with Marc there this summer a few weeks ago! I was fortunate to see 3 beautiful cities in Quebec and I completely fell in love!

I spent four days in a city called “Trois-Rivieres” which in a providence of Quebec.  It is the oldest French speaking city in North America! I explored the whole city by foot and it is full of amazing restaurants, cute shops, museums, cafes, and a beautiful river to take a stroll by.  You can also take a short bus ride from the Trois-Rivieres bus station to either Quebec City, or Montreal, which I will write about in the future.  First I want to share some experiences and photos from Trois-Rivieres. Trois Riveres is beautiful as you can see from these photos below!  The first day I walked around and explored the top 5 things to do . I recommend this link to explore the city!

First, I went to the beautiful Roman church called “Diocese of Trois-Riveres” or Cathédrale de l’Assomption. You are free to walk in where a tour guide will explain information about the church and let you walk around and take photos!

I could sense that Trois Rivieres takes pride in their parks and community.  There are beautiful historical monuments all around!

Then, one of my favorite parts of the day was finding a public piano in the middle of the city where anyone can come play if they wish!

“Place Pierre -Boucher”

This piano was beautiful and I watched some amazing piano players that came by.  7592007200_IMG_3921The locals told me they have several pianos around the city to promote the community to share their artistic abilities with everyone.

My favorite part of the city was the downtown area because it is simply charming! Start at the “Harbour Park Pier” where you can walk along the river and then begin your adventure through downtown that has the cutest shops and cafes!  My favorite restaurant was a cafe called ” Angeline.”

It was a cute little Italian pizza joint.  It had one of the most beautiful drinks I’ve ever had! You can sit outside and people watch while sipping on a delicious mojito! Check them out!

During my stay there I met a new friend who was kind enough to show me around !  She has grown up in Quebec and knew quite a bit of the history and we became instant friends!  I found that the people of Quebec are very friendly and I loved meeting them!   She recommended if you come to Trois Rivers you must visit all the museums and the old prison that is said to be haunted !

A few more places I would like to mention before I share my photography is the cities Chocolate factory which is called “Favoris Chocolate”IMG_6806 and I got the most amazing cotton candy drink! Here is the link to check them out! They are all over Quebec and can you choose from a list of YUMMY drinks!



I loved Trois Riveres so much and I hope to go back one day soon!  It has so much to offer as far as art, shopping, and food!  I hope you enjoy all my photography of this beautiful city below! Thank you!






Author: Celsey Brattrud

I have been traveling since I was young and want to share my experiences, photos, and traveling advice to everyone! I have been to over 20 countries, and lived in Madrid Spain, and 8 U.S states. I have a true travelers heart and I want to inspire others and help them step out of their comfort zones. Traveling is one big adventure and you can learn so much about yourself by getting lost, eating new food, meeting new people, and exploring this wonderful world we have! My goal on my website is to share my travel experiences and give tips along the way!

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